The Different Types of Content Marketing To Suit Your Startup


Lead generation, audience retention and increased traffic are just some of the benefits

that content marketing offers your business.

We’ve seen how it works and its potential, so the next logical step is to find out the different types of content your business can utilize.

There are plenty of options. Finding out which works best for your business will depend a lot on what you sell and what approach you want to take.

This blog is designed to shed light on those options, showing what they are, what they involve, their benefits and how they can be used to reach different audiences.

What Content Approach Should Your Startup Consider?

Many of you may just have learned of the importance of content creation. So, it’s entirely understandable to wonder do you need to utilize different types of content or if can you focus on one avenue.

After all, it’s a process that requires time and resources.

The route you go down will depend a lot on your business and the niche you operate in.

For example, if you’re looking to teach recipes, video marketing and blogging may work a charm but a podcast may not make as much sense – at least early on.

While it depends on your product/ service, diversifying your content will have a hugely positive effect on your numbers.

This is because:

  • Different people use different platforms to consume information. Some like to read, some to watch and some to listen but ultimately, they all fall under the target audience you’re looking to reach.
  • Different types of content will keep your content marketing fresh as you find different ways to keep your audience informed, entertained and engaged.

It may seem like a lot of work, but in reality, you can repurpose the same content. This means you channel the same idea in different formats.

Ex: Your recruitment agency might have a blog on how to interview candidates, a video showing you how to do it and a podcast discussing it.

So, let’s take a look at what options you have to market your content.

The Different Types of Content Marketing

1. Blog Posts

A blog is an article that covers a specific topic. They are educational, run from 600-2000 words and include different media types. – Hubspot

Blogs are a brilliant way to connect with your target audience.

This is because:

  • You can position yourself as a thought leader in your niche.
  • They allow you to promote content on social media.
  • They will help you gain recognition.
  • They can guide prospects through their buyer’s journey.
  • They will drive organic traffic to your website.

You’re currently reading a blog post. Check out our other examples here.

2. Videos

Videos have become an enormous way for people to consume content.

An estimated 2.1 billion people are using YouTube alone.

Videos are more difficult to produce but they generate great results.

Here’s why:

  • They help improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization.)
  • They keep users on a page for longer.
  • They’re the most effective way to capture the audience’s attention.
  • They offer a high conversion rate.
  • They stick in the minds of viewers.
  • Shared easily across all social channels.,

Videos will take time and effort but if done right, they can reap huge rewards for your business.

3. Podcasts

Podcast marketing has exploded in the last few years. More and more people are choosing podcasts as a way to consume information.

The fact that they can be listened to while on the move make them a great way to reach an audience who may be too busy to sit down to watch videos or read blogs.

Podcasts are a good option because:

  • They can help you reach new audiences.
  • They can humanize your business by giving it a human voice & touch.
  • They provide value for listeners by talking about niche pain points.
  • You can advertise how your business can help solve pain points.
  • They’re great for brand storytelling.
  • They’re easier to produce than video.

4. Infographics

Infographics are graphic visual representations of data or information intended to present information quickly and clearly. – Wikipedia

They’re great ways to present information quickly and clearly to your audience.

Here’s why:

  • They’re attractive and eye-catching.
  • They’re very shareable.
  • They enhance SEO efforts.
  • They increase engagement.
  • They increase content promotion.

5. eBooks

eBooks are a type of long-form content that is a favoured tactic for many online marketers.

Long-form content is content that is generally between 1000-7500 words and is designed to provide valuable information to the reader.

eBooks are great for:

  • Establishing yourself as a market leader.
  • Providing in-depth valuable information you wish to get across.
  • Guiding a prospect along their buyer’s journey with one piece of content.
  • Generating interest and hype in your brand.
  • Used as a bargaining tool for marketing information like emails or contact details.

6. Case Studies

Case studies involve you showing a first-hand example of how your product/ service helped someone get the results they wanted.

They’re great because:

  • You can use information you already have to positively showcase your business.
  • You can prove your brand’s worth.
  • You can show first-hand results and ROI.
  • It can be used to help convert prospects.
  • It persuades people you’re the answer.

7. Testimonials & Reviews

If you can show first-hand accounts of your business working, you can also show off positive feedback and testimonials you’ve received from the customers you’ve helped and impressed.

Testimonials are great pieces of content because:

  • They help to establish trust,
  • They come across as unbiased.
  • They help convert prospects.
  • They show you’re reputable.

8. Memes

If you’re using any social, chances are you’re seeing memes.

Memes are a humorous way to market your brand out there by making funny content showing relatable problems occurring in your niche.

They’re useful because:

  • They’re a fast way to communicate.
  • They’re easily shared on social media.
  • They’re easy to create.
  • They’re low cost.
  • They’re a fun way to generate brand engagement.

9. Whitepapers

Whitepapers are persuasive, authoritative, in-depth reports on a specific topic that presents a problem and provides a solution. – Hubspot

They’re useful content for:

  • Building your brand.
  • Generating sales leads.
  • Increasing engagement.

10. Newsletters

Building an audience requires you to grab their attention, once you grab it another critical aspect is to retain that attention.

Newsletters are fun, informative content that keeps your audience aware of what’s going on in the industry and what’s going on in your business.

They’re great for:

  • Keeping company name in front of customers.
  • Helping to create content for email marketing lists.
  • Keeping an audience engaged long-term.
  • Keep audience informed about product/ service.

11. Social Media Content

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to interact with customers, build your brand, increase traffic and drive sales.- Investopedia

In today’s age, social media use is at an all-time high and it looks set to continue to grow.

By harnessing social media content you can:

  • Easily interact with customers.
  • Build brand awareness.
  • Increase traffic.
  • Drive your sales.

The Founder Factory

So much choice, so much content, so many possibilities… so little time.

Or not.

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That’s not all.

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